I would like to personally thank you Ray for your training to assist me to attain a Diploma of Business Administration. You are without doubt a person of integrity, knowledge, patience and have awesome teaching abilities, nothing phases you. I am personally thoroughly enjoying the course and to have had the opportunity to be involved has been uplifting. Warm Regards Daveee

David Preston
Hi Ray I came back from your course so stoked, and has managed to stay with two ideas that I implemented immediately. You are your best advertisement to me. You are memorable (code for personable, charismatic, cool). I was very delighted that you were also able to work and travel with your wife. I thought that was primo time and values management in one. The two others at my table thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the way you presented the course content to us and got us learning. I still find the spheres of influence/power stuff and growing others' capacity (the story of your Prado and newly driver licensed son) pop into my mind a year later. The time management strategies you gave us have been very helpful to me in coping with surprises in my life since. I think that yours was the best work sponsored, life skills type course I've ever attended. I recommended you to everyone who asked. Thank you again, very very much. Sorry for rambling, I just wanted to underscore my original thanks.

Pare Meha
Church College, Hamilton NZ
Thank you for a great presentation that was well delivered. I have already started to implement a to do list that is correctly prioritised, this is helping me greatly in managing my day to day chaos! Kind Regards

Grant Jensen - Management Accountant
MidCentral District Health Board - Planning and Performance Unit
Highly enjoyable and loved every minute of it. Having recently completed at Diploma in Business Administration I believe I have gained many valuable skills. The skills I have learnt are confidence, self-worth and team building skills. Our trainer was fantastic, patient, helpful and very knowledgeable. I found the course very relevant to the kind of work I have been looking for which is Administration. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enter the workforce or looking to update their skills.

Joanne Clague (aka - Class Captain)
Maitland NSW
I was recently made redundant from the telecommunications industry and was looking to up-skill with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to enhance my employment prospects. The trainer Ray Bredenkamp conducted the course in a very professional manner and the learning was reinforced with practical sessions and reviews. Ray was very responsive to student questions and certainly knew the course content, which made the learning experience so much easier and relevant. I now have a broader range of qualifications and skills which is already leading to additional interest from prospective employers. I would recommend Ray and his training to anyone contemplating taking the TAA certificate course.

Collin Burrell
I would also like to say another huge THANK YOU! for the Course you presented. As I told the director of CHIPS, it not only taught me some new things, it also confirmed that some things I was doing was right which is always handy to know if our not sure whether you are doing things correctly or not! I will be sure to look out for other courses held around the Parramatta area. Thanks again! Nadia Bordin

Nadia Bordin - Accounts/Administrations Manager
I enrolled in the cert IV TAA to enhance my skills and knowledge in my current role as a trainer, and to gain the qualifications needed to assess students. Throughout the course I gained excellent knowledge into how to design assessment documents so that the students are meeting the required standard when being assessed on particular units of competency in both theoretical and practical tasks. Ray Bredenkamp provided me with ongoing support and excellent insight into what is required to be an excellent trainer. Ray was very helpful at all times during the course and his extensive background in this field was demonstrated through his excellent knowledge of the topic and the professional way the class was conducted. I would recommend Ray as a trainer to anyone and you will come out of his course confident that you will be able to do a great job as an assessor and trainer. I give Ray permission to use this document. My job is a trainer work experience marketing consultant at ORS. thanks

John Wade - Marketing Consultant
Apologies for my lateness. This month has been an extremely BUSY for me at work with the introduction of my cert 2 in retail and business that I am delivering. I would like to thankyou for your time and effort in not only delivering the Cert IV in Trainining and Assesment course but also delivering it in a way that was challenging and informative. You definately demonstrataed your professional experience and made the classes enjoyable for me. I gained plenty of tips that i will use in the future. Regards

Steve Baeza - Training

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